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Orbichronics is the manufacturing and distributing company that developed the orbichron clock in 1981.  During the past two decades, this unique clock has appeared on television in the sci-fi mini-series V, the Tapestry episode of Star Trek - The Next Generation, and Spielberg's Twilight Zone.  It also appeared in the movie: Can't Buy Me Love.

Although it was out of general distribution for several years, the orbichron clock is now available as a compact, new desktop version. The reintroduction of the larger, classic design has been delayed until there is sufficient interest on the part of the customer base.  

Tortoise-shell orbichron clock with gold legending. The time shown is 1:50:00.683333...that's 10 minutes before 2:00 and about 2/3 of a second.

Now available...the orbichron clock desktop model!

Gold with gold legending, chrome with chrome legending, tortoise-shell with gold legending, black with chrome legending, and black with gold legending.

There is currently no active on-line e-store for selling orbichron clocks. Look for a new, secure, integrated shopping cart here in the near future. Orbichronics accepts the following credit cards:


and we ship via the following methods: 





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